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What language has the greatest number of completed trees?

Does anybody know it?

January 3, 2014



I can confirm that it's Spanish :)


Can you release some stat on the different languages? Such as: 1) all-time/monthly/weekly/daily top 100 achievers per language? 2) user's position within a language 3) table of friends/followers within a language (all timers/monthly/daily/weekly) 4) top 100 strikers per language 5) strikers ranking within my friends/follower etc'.

Feed us, stats freaks!


Good idea, I'd like it:) I love stats.


Thank you very much for the answer, Luis. :)


I don't have official stats but if you scroll down on the incubator page http://incubator.duolingo.com/ spanish has most learners and is (in my opinion) one of the easier languages. So I'd go with spanish. It is also most useful for Americans, who (again my guess) probably make up most users (at least for the moment).

If you wanted to know 'percentage of users (of a specific language tree)' which complete the tree this might look different.


Oh... you're talking about the languages on the Incubator... now I understand! Yes, I would have to agree with Franky, Spanish is probably the language with the greatest number of completed trees. Since I don't have the stats and percentages, that is just an educated guess.


Ok Ok thank you for answering. :)

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I would like to know this, too. Well, Luis already answered this. But maybe this is a dynamical thing at some point.

Like: on x people are your tree, y people have similar skills (based on the tree) than you, z people already finished the tree (without shortcuts). I like numbers, but I'm not sure whether or not this is motivating.


For me it is motivating when I see that someone has almost done their tree or not, competing is motivating to my mind, for many people.


I would have guessed English.


Especially if about half the users are learning English... But maybe English is number one if you count all the languages-to-English? So French to English, Spanish to English, etc -- combine them, and English ought to have the most completed trees, right?

Which tree is the longrest? Has the most lessons? Is hardest to complete? Meaning individual language x to language y tree?


As to percentage of users and in which countries they are .. go to this link: http://www.appappeal.com/maps/duolingo


Most likely French or Spanish


I asked this question just because I have browsed some users trees and many of them had done a lot of spanish lessons and I wanted to know if french surpassed spanish, but no, it didn't.


There are around 7 million people Spanish last time I checked, so I guess that helps as well. It would be nice to know the actual figure of how many people have finished their tree


25% of Duo users are from Spanish speaking countries, and 25% are from English speaking countries. 20% of Duo users are from the USA. No wonder Spanish has 17 million learners registered (English has over 35 million though).

This explains to a certain degree the "popularity" of Spanish (17 million USA citizens learning Spanish), and the sheer amount of learners (16 plus millions) that English has from Spanish (Spanish Latin-america contributes with 20% of users). The other factor Is that Spanish was one of the first two languages to be accessible (yet look at the enormously impressive performance of French which being the last, surpassed Portuguese, German and Italian - it would be interesting to know who is learning French - I accessed to it from English although my language is Spanish).

Source: http://www.appappeal.com/maps/duolingo

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