"Turn to the right by the hall."

Translation:Trowch i'r dde wrth y neuadd.

March 14, 2016



If "trowch" is the command "turn" for formal/plural you (2nd person plural imperative), what is the command "turn" for informal you (2nd person singular imperative)? I attempted "troa", but was marked wrong.

Also, while we're at it, how would you say "Let's turn" (1st person plural imperative)?

March 14, 2016


trowch! (chi); tro! (ti)

Let us... - gad/gadwch i ni...:

  • Gad/Gadwch i ni droi i'r dde yma (Let's turn right here)

(Gad/Gadwch come from an old root of the verb-noun gadael. The modern root of gadael is gadaw- so you will see gadawais i ..., etc, nowadays.)

March 14, 2016


Tro is second person singular imperative :)

Gad i ni droi / Gadewch i ni droi is "Let's turn".

March 15, 2016
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