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"Elles portent des chaussures rouges."

Translation:They wear red shoes.

January 19, 2013

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Does anyone know if there is a difference in pronunciation between 'Elles portent' and 'Elle porte'?


unfortunately not, although in an actual conversation it should be obvious from context whether it's 'she' or 'they'


Then duolingo should allow for that and marked both as correct

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We accept both solutions in the challenges where you have to "Listen and type in French".


yup, just worked for me!


Wait, does "portent" mean wear or carry? They aren't the same thing...

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"porter" means "wear" before words for clothing or shoes.

But we accept "carry", because it also means "porter" (in someone's arms).


I am probably wrong, but it seems to me that the word 'des', which is clearly pronounce 'day' makes the entire sentence plural: thus 'Elles portent' and not 'Elle Porte'. Does anyone know if this is a correct assumption?

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"des" before "chaussures" means that there are more than one shoe.

So if a female person is wearing a pair of shoes, you say:

  • Elle porte des chaussures rouges.

If several female persons are wearing pairs of shoes, you say:

  • Elles portent des chaussures rouges.

Both are pronounced the same.

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