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  5. "Her bag is light."

"Her bag is light."

Translation:Son sac est léger.

January 19, 2013



Why sacoche? This is the feminine form to say sac?


I'm confused by this as well. I wish Duolingo were clearer with their contexts. Even if you hover the mouse over the word 'bag' in this example, sacoche isn't in the list of translations.


"La sacoche" is not the feminine form to say "le sac". Une sacoche is a kind of bag, usually wear in bandoulière (shoulder strap) and small.

Un sac can be any kind of bag.


i was under the impression that leger had a maculine and feminine form and the feminine had two accents.


Masculine = Son sac est léger Feminine = Sa sacoche est légère


but it says 'her' so wouldn't that be feminin? I'm soooo Confused.


Feminine and masculine are talking about the genders of the nouns, not the people. Since sac is masculine, you use léger, and since sacoche is feminine, you use légère.


But it also seems to affect the use of Sa or Son - if the translation is for "her", why is Son an option


The form of the pronoun depends on the gender of the noun rather than the person. So 'son sac' means both his / her bag, and 'sa botte' means both his / her boot. It would be clear which was meant if the sentence was in context.


ok DUo. "light" meaning not heavy or "light" as in light color?


I agree, they should really accept clair here... I thought she was carrying a light colored summer purse!


Except that "un sac" is just a "sack" or a "bag", not actually a purse. A purse (e.g., handbag) would be "un sac à main", "un portefeuille" (i.e., a wallet used by a woman would be called a purse), or "un porte-monnaie", a (coin) purse; un sac à bandoulière = a shoulder bag.


Sure, but couldn't a bag or sac also be either lightweight or light coloured?


It's "light" as in "not heavy" here


Whats the difference between léger and clair? I wrote "clair" and it was marked wrong although in a previous round it was used to describe something as being light.


Clair is light colored, whereas léger is lightweight


Sac is masculine. Son/Sa modifies the noun, not the person it belongs to. Elle a son sac = she has her bag. Il a son sac = He has his bag. Note how the same word (son) means her in one sentence but his in the other.


According to a site, son is masculine. Shouldn't it be sa?


Nope. In English, "his" and "her" refer to the gender of the owner. In French, "Son" and "Sa" refer to the grammatical gender of the noun that is owned. "Le sac" is a masculine noun, so whether the person is male or female, their bag is "son sac". :)


Suppose I stumbled across this sentence online. How would I know if the subject of the sentence is male or female?


From this sentence alone, you wouldn't know. But there would probably be other sentences which would say 'il' or 'elle' somewhere so you could figure out from context!


When leger/legere is used, does it mean that the bag is a light color? Or lightweight? Please specify


It means lightweight.


What is the difference between sac and sacoche?


"Une sacoche" is just a large version of "un sac".


When I was doing the excercise there was one before that said to translate her bag is big. I put son sac est grande. It said it was wrong not only for grande but son was wrong too they put ton sac est grand. Does that mean son sac est grand is wrong. This time on this one I put ton instead of son. I put ton sac est léger. Why wasnt this accepted?


You have probably figured this out by now. "son sac" refers to the third person (his/her), whereas "ton sac" refers to the second person (you).


I don't understand why bourse was right and sac was wrong, why not either?


One use of "une bourse" is "un porte-monnaie", a (coin) purse. But a "bag" or "sack" (i.e., un sac) is not a purse. A purse can be un sac à main, un portefeuille, un porte-monnaie, (coin) purse, or un sac à bandoulière (shoulder bag/purse). But "un sac" is just a sack or a bag, not a purse. http://www.wordreference.com/fren/sac


I used valise. is that wrong?

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