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Help my Duolingo is stuck in Chinese.

This may sound dumb but I tried to do the Chinese-English course for fun but now I am unable to access my courses such as Polish and now I am stuck in Chinese. :(

March 14, 2016



Maybe try this. ;-)


Click on your username and then click the 3rd option. Then in menu on your right click the 2nd option. After it opens you can choose in list on your left "I want to learn Polish (I know English)" and then you click the green button (save).



This does not work for me. Hover over the flag to the left of your picture and name, select the language you want to switch to, or select a new language, if it's not listed there.


Maybe it depends on your browser. Duolingo works better with my Firefox than with Opera.


I am using Chrome and Safari. Both look the same. The 3rd option in the name drop-down menu is Help. Once you select Help there is a whole page of topics in two columns. The 2nd option on the right side is "What are the forum community guidelines?" I don't think this is what you meant. My point is that referring to the actual position rather than its title may lead to wrong advice because topics may change their positions.

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