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  5. "Куди ви їздили вчора?"

"Куди ви їздили вчора?"

Translation:Where did you go yesterday?

March 14, 2016



How about "Where did you drive yesterday?" I guess that's also correct because this verb means to go by vehicle.

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It does not mean the same as driving. For example: you would also use it to say "to go by bus" (where the busdriver is driving, but you are not).

I hope this answeres your question. :)


It does. Thanks and have a lingot!


Drive and ride accepted now :)


Yes, it does. It is correct. I put "Where did you drive to yesterday?" and it was not accepted either. It is correct as well. I reported it. Did you?


Accepted! As well as ride.


I don't understand why the app does not accept "where did you go to yesterday"; but does accept "where did you go yesterday". The first is better English in my opinion.


Yes, that should also be accepted. I wouldn't only use that for stops on a tour; it wouldn't even occur to me.


'Куди ти ходила' and 'куди ви їздили' both translate as 'where did you go ?' Why the different verb for 'to go' ?


Їздити means to drive somewhere. You need to make the responses more flexible. Go could be walking or running, too, which їздити does not cover.


I am right now going through all the exercises that contain "go" and adding: іти, йти, піти, ходити, сходити, їхати, поїхати, їздити, з'їздити.... (depending on the tense and context...)

I just wish they did that at the very beginning when they created the exercises. Just slow down for a couple of minutes, think thoroughly and add all the variations...


Went is accepted (at least now)


"where you went yesterday" - not accepted

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