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"Ydw, dw i'n gallu canu yn eitha da."

Translation:Yes, I can sing quite well.

March 14, 2016



Why doesn’t this dictionary, nor Wiktionary, know what the hell ‘eitha’ means?


The full spelling of "eitha" is "eithaf" but the last 'f' is normally dropped in spoken Cymraeg, as with "dre" for town. Here's the word: http://www.geiriadur.ac.uk/gpc/gpc.html?eithaf In this case, eitha means quite.


Probably because the duo course (along with most courses) teach a type of Welsh that more closely resembles the spoken language. As a result formal dictionaries for native speakers rarely include the "new-age" forms of words and instead use the traditional form. In this case it would be eithaf.


bug in duo? i get the little green speach-bubble with a 2 in it, but when i tap the bubble this page shows 'no comments'.


I am told there is a typo in my answer "Ydw, dw i'n gallu canu yn eithaf da." For sure, "eithaf" should not be considered a typo ...


The answer you mention is In the answers database.


My answer "Ydw, dw i'n gallu canu'n eithaf da" was marked wrong :\


I have just checked and it was in the database as an accepted answer. If it rejected again, please add another comment here with a cut-and-paste of the answer that you typed in.

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