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  5. "Sêl cist car"

"Sêl cist car"

Translation:a car boot sale

March 15, 2016



This unit should be entitled "Puzzling Welsh Events." Do you have peddlars who sell things out of the trunks of their cars?


Sure, pretty much bang on! Honestly always assumed they were a universal thing, apparently not.



Maybe just a British thing? I, like Ieuan, thought it was a universal thing... Possibly the same as a flee market?


I think in the States we would just refer to it as a flea market. I have heard of a "trunk sale," and we refer to the boot of a car as its trunk, but I think that refers to the item of luggage. I think that is a sort of sale of jewelry or something similar in a hotel room. Of course, the US is a big country, and there may be regular car trunk sales in some part of the country I have never lived in.


I think it would be more akin to a garage sale in the US, it's just in britain we all take our stuff to a field in the back of a car on a wet miserable saturday morning to sell it instead


I thought this was a sale on those yellow locks they put on wheels in Britain to keep cars from leaving. We don't have those either.


The French for "Sêl cist car" "car boot sale" is "Vide grenier"


The flea markets I have been to in the states had booths, no cars seen until packing up at the end of the day.


It must happen here in the US too though I haven't seen one.


Honestly, I never knew of such a thing even in English


Really?? They're everywhere around here in Somerset.


Should this be sêl cist ceir?


No, the welsh for Car is Car


We definitely have car boot sales in Australia, probably in NZ as well. :)


Why does 'trunk sale' not work? A car boot is called a trunk in American English :)


A trunk sale is a different thing, both in American and, as I was told above, UK English. The trunk there is a steamer trunk, one of those old, wooden locking boxes. A trunk sale is a sort of pop up store in a hotel or conference where the manufacturer or distributor is trying to sell to the retailers. At least, that's how I understand it, but I've never had anything to do with one. I imagine people sell things out of the trunk of their cars in the US, at farmers' markets or open air flea markets or things like that, but I have never heard a specific term for only sale from a trunk. Usually, the seller brings a table or two and it is an open air flea market.


Ok, for someone obvoiusly extremely lost to these things - what on earth is a car boot sale? Is it a shop selling boots and cars cheaper than it usually does? Could it also be called a boot car sale? Would a shop selling toys and books at a cheaper price than usual be doing a book toy sale, or a toy book sale?


In England, the "boot" of a car is what is called the "trunk" in the US -- it is the area behind the rear seats, where luggage can be transported.

A "car boot sale" is one where things are sold from out of car boots -- at least in theory. That is, you would come to the gathering place together with many other people, open the lid/door of your car's boot, and then people would walk around the open car boots and look at the items for sale in each of them.

A bit like a flea market.

See also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Car_boot_sale


Awesome explaination! Things like this sometimes happen in Sweden as well, though they're called "loppis" (which is the short form of "loppmarknad" - flea market) regardless of if they're mobile or very permanent (i.e. a Swedish flea market can be a permanent shop where they've been selling second hand stuff for 50 years). The back of the car is called "bagage" in Sweden (same name as luggage that you carry while being on trips), and I wonder what I've been calling it when I've been renting cars in the UK... Hopefully I've said "the back of the car", but it's very possible that I've called it "bagage" in English as well (which would explain why they've asked me wierd questions afterwards).

Thanks to your explaination I've probably learned 2 new English words tonight - "boot" and "car boot sale". Diolch yn fawr am y helpu!

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