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The silent Heros that make Dulingo what it is.

Yesterday I gifted louis.vang 26 lingots because he had a nice look at my posting and corrected my mistakes in that Dutch language... It is not the first time and it will not be the last time that I recognise the hard work that some of the people do..... In addition to correcting my mistakes louis.vang is taking a good look at the the Dutch course and making many suggestions as to the grammar etc which makes it much better for beginner learners like myself to get a proper look at Dutch...... I think we should thank and be grateful for all those in all the differing languages that make the sites so easy and fun to use.

Who do you think is a Hero in your estimation in your language site ?

January 4, 2014



All of the moderators. This site has some of the best, most-helpful moderators of any site I've been on. Not exactly unsung heroes, but to the all the mods, thank you for what you do.


Defiantly the Duolingo team! They put in so much hard work and for free too!


Obrigado a todos aqueles que mencionaram meu nome! Fico feliz por vocês e por todos os outros que estão aprendendo outros idiomas também. Me sinto sempre grato a vocês! =) Bons estudos a todos. Todos aqui trabalham em conjunto para a propagação de línguas pelo mundo =)


In my opinion, Mavry and Lago are the kings of Spanish, Sitesurf is the queen of French, Paulenrique is the king of Portuguese, and Christian is the king of German. I don't know about Italian or English, sorry :) Other very helpful people are jackelliot, PorquePuedo, Samsta, Daniel-in-BC, Oliwia, danmoller, TerraZe, vivisaurus, Dessamator, revdolphin, ziggKogg, lolaphilologist, and many others who I can't think of right now :) It's awesome that there are so many helpful people that I can't remember most of them :D


Sitesurf and paulenrique are the heroes of the French and Portuguese courses


Paul Enrique !!! Man if you're reading this, I'll be in Sao Paulo soon, so you have a beer there!! I can't even count the number of times that this guy helped me through his comments with my Portuguese! Muito obrigado por tudo!!


Hahaha thanks a lot man! Quando virá a São Paulo? Posso ser seu guia durante esse período! Bom passeio e pratique muito seu idioma. O sotaque paulistano é bem simples =)


Haha thanks!! I've already been in Sao Paulo so basically I know everything ;) O meu lugar favorito e Catedral da Se :) Sao Paulo is the best city in the world!! People are amazing and so spontaneous. I'm in love with the the Banespao, Se, Liberdade, Avenida Paulista, 25 de Marco, Bras where you buy hawaianas hahaha. See ya there!


hahaha nice... yes... there you find a world in just once city! yes, people are really friendly... I may find you at Ibirapuera =)... c'ya around...


Heroes.... Duolingo

[deactivated user]

    All the mods plus the incubator mods. I just wish I knew them IRL or on Facebook, it would be so cool to see my feed filled up with languages other than English or Spanish.


    That is a beautiful post, Jack. I'd view you and Usagi and all the people who have brought Duolingo into existence and assisted other members are all heroes. Duolingo will make the history books because it has helped millions of people, all thanks to all the people that have created it and made it so great.


    Lavinae in Dutch is a true hero! She together with three others set up the Dutch course (which is now in Beta), and who, with her team, is reviewing the many suggestions. In addition she makes time to answer questions and queries that just help one to get one's head around this language. Thanks to you guys!

    I also go along with Jack Elliot that Louis is good stuff and has good suggestions for improvement.

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