"That shows a woman."

Translation:Ça représente une femme.

January 20, 2013

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I thought ceci was more "this", as in, ceci n'est pas une pipe?

Could someone please explain what exactly ceci is and how it is used?


"Ceci" and "cela" are demonstrative pronouns matching "this" and "that" respectively.

"this" and "that" can also be adjectives, but not "ceci/cela".

In oral French cela is abbreviated in "ça", but "ceci" is never contracted.


so it sounds like ceci should not be a correct response here, since it doesn't mean "that". (I ask because I did not select ceci as a possible correct response since my understanding was, as you say, that ceci means "this". Duolingo disagreed.)


I agree with Alphabeta. You are EXTREMELY helpful!...and so appreciated!


Merci pour votre aide ! You are seriously helpful... does Duo pay you yet?


No, they don't... I am still only doing it for pleasure :-)


This was SO helpful!


... and doing it brilliantly. Thankyou :-D


Pity you cannot cash Lingots, I gave you another one :)


At 1£, 1€ or even 1$ per lingot, I could afford a couple of weeks at Club Méditerranée... too bad, I will still dream of it!

Thank you Anna for feeding my dreams!


why can't i use the verb "montrer" (instead of représenter) in this sentence?


You could, it is just that Duolingo has not planned for it.


they accepted it in my translation


"Cela montre une femme" accepted.

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Why does cela go with montrer and ca with represente ?


Merci beaucoup, Sitesurf.


But montrer is a transitive verb, non? It would make sense if the sentence suggested showing a woman something. BTW I used révèle in its place and got booted


'Cela montre une femme' is correct and is accepted!


From the multiple choice

Ceci représente une femme., Cela représente une femme. = correct

On a previous lesson I had entered a sentence with ceci as meaning that one which is something I don't usually do. Duo marked it wrong as I thought they should.

On this example they require that ceci be included in the correct translations of That Woman. Are they really completely interchangeable to the point of both being required as correct?

I thought ceci = this one, cela = that one

Also, I thought it was celà with the accent.


There are indeed discrepancies here and there. Sometimes, Duo insists on getting this as ceci and that as cela, sometimes both are possible or even interchanged.

The French are less strict with the original meaning of ceci (closer to me) vs cela (further away). For example, we should use "cela dit" (that being said) after an information and not "ceci dit". But many don't.

ceci = this; cela/ça = that (pronouns)

this one = celui-ci; that one = celui-là

these/those ones = ceux-là

"Cela" has lost its accent apparently, I have not found why/when yet.


O.k. Thx.

So celui/ceux là keep the accent, probably because they seem a little more demonstrative. Seems like there is a little bit more here and there involved with them.

Also, apparently the choice of cela/ceci is not as clear as I would like it to be.

If French (and life) conformed to one's expectations things would be simpler but not as interesting.


Ca depicte une femme?


verb "dépicter" does not exist in French.


that's a pretty good reason! thanks!... note to self, stop making up words...


you could have been lucky..., lol

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