"You have a temperature."

Translation:Mae gwres gyda ti.

March 15, 2016



Why is this not "Mae gwres arnat ti"?

March 15, 2016


Report it as 'unnatural' or similar if you see mae gwres gyda ti - it is wrong.

Things that affect you all over, as it were, are normally arnoch chi. Things that affect a particular part of your body are gyda/gynnoch chi:

  • Mae'r frech goch arna i - I've got measles
  • Mae'r diciĆ¢u arno fe - He has TB
  • Mae annwyd arnon ni i gyd - We all have a cold

  • Mae pen tost gyda fi - I have a headache

  • Mae'r ddannoedd gyda hi - She has toothache
  • Roedd ganddo fe lygad ddu - He had a black eye
March 15, 2016


Why can't I have Mae gyda ti wres?

April 24, 2016
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