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"Świat biznesu szanuje tego człowieka."

Translation:The world of business respects this man.

March 15, 2016



surely 'person' would also be correct?


yes it could be.

But also it this context, the person we are talking about is probably a man. If we were talking about a woman this would be "Świat biznesu szanuje tę kobietę" more often than "Świat biznesu szanuje tę osobę", more often than "Świat biznesu szanuje tego człowieka."


Could we also use "mężczyzna" here?


yes. If we are talking about a man. :) (a male human)


So does człowiek imply a man or a person? I thought człowiek = person, ludzie = people


świat biznesu szanuje tę osobę- it sounds like a jeopardy question or really trying to not use gender.

świat biznesu szanuje tego mężczyznę - sounds like we make the fact that he is a man very important.

świat biznesu szanuje tego człowieka - sounds most natural about a male person, and a bit less natural about female person

świat biznasu szanuje tę kobietę sounds natural when talking about female person.

we have opposite relation with word "człowiek" than English language has with the word "man". In Polish in most cases "człowiek", and "ludzie" is used to describe human beings regardless of gender. But when describing a person of known gender we use człowiek and kobieta.

Which leaves us to a philosophical question often asked by both sides "czy kobieta to człowiek"?


Człowiek = human, sometimes in English also man - anyway, it's a singular of "ludzie".

Osoba = person.


Well, so maybe let's put it this way: "this man" sounds perfectly natural, and "ten człowiek" seems more natural than "ten mężczyzna" in this sentence. Like, specifying that he's male is not wrong, but a bit strange. Just a bit.


So maybe "człowiek" is like the English word "guy," but more formal ("guy" is informal in English). You can use guy for a female, but people tend to assume/mean male when they use it as a singular word.


Why not person? Then it covers both genders.


"person" is accepted.

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