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"There is the same wine at the restaurant."

Translation:Il y a le même vin au restaurant.

January 20, 2013



Can I say "il y a le même vin dans le restaurant" here?


Yes you can, but that is less usual.


Why is "Il y a le même vin au LE restaurant" wrong?


"au" already means à+le (contracted)


thanks. This is really difficult.


for some reason Duolingo did not like il existe le même vin au restaurant


It works, but it sounds a bit stilted, the same as if you said "There exists" instead of "there is" in English.


I thought it was always "la même", feminin. Does the definitive article have to agree with the noun?

example: La même femme / le même homme?


Yes, all determiners and adjectives agree with the noun they modify or qualify.


Il y a DU meme vin au restaurant??


English "the" never translates to a partitive article.

English "the" indicates that the object is clearly defined and specific "the same wine as the one we have at home".

So the French requires definite article "le vin"


Thankyou. But to confirm, in its own right, "Il y a du meme vin au restaurant" would be a perfectly correct French sentence, non?


"Il y a du même vin" would translate "there is some of the same wine", and to be frank with you, it sounds a bit weird in French (but it is correct).

That is probably because "même" implies a comparison, even if it is not explicitly developed, so I would mentally expect "le même que...".


Yes I agree, but there could be some rare contexts like par ex. "On a trouvé une trace de vin sur la chemise du suspect, et il y a du meme vin partout sur le sol au restaurant oú le délit a eu lieu.." or something like that (apologies for potential errors)


I agree with you.

et il y avait du même vin...

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