having literal + meaning based translations

I just started using the "German for English speakers" tree just for fun (since I know German) and I think it would be a great idea to have both a literal translation as well as a meaning based one, because even if words in an of themselves sometimes they are often used completely different in another language.

Thus, one translation that's fairly literal, and a second one of what a native speaker of that language might actually say to express the same sentiment.

For example: the German phrase "Wie findest du den film?" literally translates to "How do you find the movie?" but what they're really asking is "How do you like the movie?"

Both translations are good for learning, the meaning based to learn how to speak like a native, and the literal to show how the thinking process of the other language differs from your own and how you can begin to think in a new language.

5 years ago


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