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Dutch Movies with Dutch Subtitles, any ideas?

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Hi, I have looked over some past posts but I must admit I didn't look at everything so I am sorry if it this post has a duplicate.

Many are looking for songs with lyrics or series with english sub.

What helps me is dutch movies met NL ondertitels. Unfortunately, there are fewer than I'd anticipated. Indeed the dutch don't usually dub the movies and prefer to add NL subtitles. And when I finally find some NL movie, I rarely find its subtitles in Dutch but maybe in English or German.

I was able to find the following movies with NL subs:

  • "Alles is liefde" (A bit cheesy but very recommended!)

  • "Michiel de Ruyter"

Though that's it!

So if anyone has any ideas for me, I'm interested in whatever series or movies in dutch with dutch subtitles, I couldn't thank you enough!! :D

I tried going both routes of finding NL films, but usually there sub counterpart don't exist. And the route of trying to find the NL movie that matches the NL Subs from opensubtitle.org or other databases, unfortunately these are often foreign languages movies.

Can anyone help?

Thank you for reading

2 years ago