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Das Passiv & Mona Lisa

Hallo zusammen,

my newest TAOG video is up. In it, I teach the basics of how to use the Passive voice in German. I also included a short history of how the Mona Lisa was stolen back in 1911.

Enjoy! :-D


viele Grüße aus Berlin,


March 15, 2016



At the moment the different tenses are forming muddles in my brain but your lovely video may start to connect the synapses...through a few more viewings! It's given me some encouragement:) I enjoyed your short history of ML too. Danke! One small point, I may be the only one thinking this, but if you could slow your speech down a wee bit it'd help me more. My natural speed is English which always seems slower than city US. No! My brain is not that slow, cheeky ;)


Oh I know those muddles and puddles all too well!

Happy to hear you are getting encouragement from the videos. It's super important to stay encouraged and feeling somewhat enthusiastic, but not always easy to do so.

Thanks for the feedback about the speed of my voice. I think that is a good tip and in my next video I will make a conscious effort to slow down a bit.

Cheers! :-D


Thank you! Have your video links been added to the discussions on recommended further German language learning sites?


Nice video! I am relatively comfortable with the easier tenses, but the more difficult ones are still only passive for me. They have not moved into my active vocabulary or sentence building, but one day!

I am glad to see that you included: "Er/sie wurde im Jahr .... geboren", because if you translate directly you get "Er/sie war .... geboren". I dont know if it is wrong but I do not that the people prefer to use werden. I also came across the other day, I wanted to say something like: In Belgium French is also spoken or Französich ist auch in Belgien gesprochen and there I was corrected to "Französich wird auch in Belgien gesprochen".

Anyone have other examples of common pitfalls of active vs. passive from English to German?


v.good german xoxoxo lol


Hallo Lance! Ich mag dieses Video so viel!

Sorry but my brain has switched off for the night so I must finish in English: I'm very impressed with your progress on your TAOG videos. I think these are very helpful and very comprehensive. Re: the comment about you speaking fast, while it may be true, this shows how much your fluency is improving, and for me it's been fun to see this transformation...

TAOG is evolving very nicely! Weiter so!

Gute Nacht und bis nachste mal!

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