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"El pare una depressió de nassos."

Traducción:Papá tiene una depresión de narices.

March 15, 2016

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‘The father has a depression of noses’?


It is an idiom. De nassos (or its Spanish equivalent) means big, large, intense, profound, and so on.


‘The father has a major depression’?


Something like this. Only remember that it is not a clinical diagnostic and could be an outright exaggeration. I do not know about other countries, but in Spain –and for what it counts, in the Catalan-speaking area– some people use the term depression as a moniker for common sadness.

I can answer you in English if you must, but in your future comments please remember that this is a Spanish-based course.


I finished the Spanish course so I can understand the vast majority of the course, and I would have done it in English had there been such a course available. At most I just look up a word if I don’t know it. But there are some really baffling phrases here.


uno apenas puede olvidar eso

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