"I want twelve apples."

Translation:Dw i eisiau un deg dau afal.

March 15, 2016

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Damn, I can't use vingesimal? I learnt to count as a child saying dauddeg


Vigesimal is fine, but used less these days. Be careful of spelling and pronunciation - deuddeg (12), ugain (20) (vigesimal system), but dau ddeg (20) (decimal system), so old 12 and new 20 are easily confused.


also when does afal become afalau - it must be close to twelve - I guessed the wrong one here


There is no magic number! People tend to use the singular with smaller numbers and the plural with larger ones, but there is no fixed rule. However...

If you want to use the singular noun then it comes directly after the number:

  • saith afal, deg afal, cant afal, ...

If you want to use the plural then it has to be used with the preposition o between the number and the plural noun:

  • saith o afalau, deg o afalau, hanner cant o afalau (50), cant o afalau, hanner mil o afalau (500).

There are additional complications if you want to use the compound numbers in the vigesimal system - I don't think that that is covered in this course, and there is enough to learn without adding that into the mix! If you are very keen, though, get hold of a good Welsh textbook such as, say, 'Welsh Rules'.


diolch - i did also miss out the o and wasn't aware of the vigesimal intricacies (so it's not (d)deuddeg o afalau then.


deuddeg o afalau is fine, but easily confused with dau ddeg o afalau in a noisy shop. Easiest to stick with the decimal counting system for the basic numbers.


thanks - unfortunately the vigesimal ones are the ones that pop into my head first.

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