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  5. "Seventy, eighty, ninety"

"Seventy, eighty, ninety"

Translation:Siedemdziesiąt, osiemdziesiąt, dziewięćdziesiąt

March 15, 2016



Hard work writting this


those things are hard for Polish people : pięćdziesiąt, sześćdziesiąt, dziewięćdziesiąt, as those are rare words with "silent letter"-ć


I don't agree, Polish people don't have any problems with it. I think it can be problematic to people who learn Polish as a foreign language, but for Polish people these words are easy in writing and speaking.


Well, I have to stop and double or triple check every time I need to write one of those three. But I do not do it often, I guess, if you have to write those words more often it's easier.


Unless they haven't practiced much reading and writing much. I haven't seen a case of full reacquired analphabetism, but some knowledge might still decay.


These numerals are a curious case, where the spellings follows the logic closer than the actual pronunciation. You just take the basic numeral and stick „dziesiąt” at the end.

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