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  5. "Do you know the wine?"

"Do you know the wine?"

Translation:Connaissez-vous le vin ?

January 20, 2013



Why can I not say, "Savez-vous le vin?"


"Savoir" and "Connaitre" have several different meanings. "Savoir" is for something you learned, and now that you master. For example: "Je sais conduire", "je sais faire à manger", "je sais parler français". It's also used when you know a fact ("je sais que John est malade", "je sais que c'est interdit", ...). "Connaître" is for a person, or for something you are familiar with: "je connais John", "je connais Paris", "je connais ce livre"...


Which sounds to me as though savoir is still an appropriate choice. When I did a wine tasting course if I had been asked if I knew a wine it would mean had I learned about it. The sentence doesn't make sense to me otherwise. Perhaps they should have said "Do you you recognise the wine?". That would make more sense.


@helenvee I'm not sure if I'm correct, but to me it seems like "savoir" is the french expression for the German "können (kann etc.)", and "Connaitre" = "kennen". In German it wouldn't make sense to say "Ich kann den Wein" (savoir). "können" (savoir) is not about having learned ABOUT something, but to have learned something (swimming etc.). You can't learn how to do wine. In my understanding that's why savoir doesn't work here. But I'm new to french, so please correct me if I'm wrong.


I don't know German well enough to know those verbs. But in English, I've thought of "savoir" as generally "knowing a fact" and "connaitre" as generally "understanding or being familiar with something".

So by my understanding, this sentence would obviously be connaitre.

Everyone's going to have their own way of thinking about it, but I think the bottom is that in French, the consensus seems to be that one uses "connaitre" rather than "savoir" to express an understanding of wine.


Est-ce que tu connais le vin also works. Is one of these preferred? I'm assuming it'd be the given answer


Tu/Vous is single informal/formal or plural. The "est-ce que" version is more formal than the version without is my understanding.


tu sais le vin? non? boo


It's also correct to say: connais-tu le vin?


Difference bw sais and connaissez??


Vous-connais le vin? Isn't this right?

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