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  5. "третье упражнение"

"третье упражнение"

Translation:the third exercise

March 16, 2016



What is the difference between упражнение, задача and задание?


In the context of school,

упражнение = exercise (a specific task in a textbook aimed at cementing what you just learned)

задача = mathematical problem

задание = task or assignement (anything that your teacher tells you to do).


Thank you. And in the business and office context?


Well, I don’t think упражнение is used in business contexts. Задача can translate to "objective"/"aim"/"task"... That is what you have to accomplish. Задание is similar, but it’s more like something that other people tell you to do; at school it’s a teacher, at an office it might be your boss.


It can be used for phisical tarining:

This physical trainig has ten exercises = в этой тренировке десять упражнений.


Why not "exercise number three"?

[deactivated user]

    Apparently because you're expected to translate that as «упражне́ние но́мер три».


    Or perhaps simply «упражнение три»

    We have seem both
    шестой кабинет = "the sixth room", which Duo accepted but translated alternatively as "room six"
    кабинет двадцать пять = "room twenty-five", which doesn't seem like it could be translated as "the twenty-fifth room"


    The masculine singular form for "third" is третий. The declension tables suggest that the neuter singular ending should be третее.

    Is there some particular reason третье has the ending -ье and not a usual neuter ending -ее?


    For some reason I doubt makes sense, третий belongs to the same animal-possessive class as волчий, лисий, птичий, кошачий, собачий, медвежий, бычий, рыбий etc. Also, чей ("whose") has almost identical endings.


    Note the -и in the Nominative plural.


    Thanks. I assumed there was a weird reason, but that's the name of the game of idiom

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