"To dla mnie wspaniały dzień."

Translation:It is a wonderful day for me.

March 16, 2016

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Can't dla mnie go at the end? To wspanialy dzien dla mnie. (I don't have special letters on mobile :S)


For me, it is a wonderful day. - Can we not have this?


Then it's similar in Polish: "Dla mnie to jest wspaniały dzień".


I think you're nitpicking too much on this one. There is absolutely no difference in meaning between "For me it's a wonderful day" and "It's a wonderful day for me"


Eh, maybe I am. OK, added.


What does "This is a wonderful day to me" actually mean? And why isn't "To me this is a wonderful day" correct? They are both nonsense but the second one is at least approaching something you might say in English!


"It is a wonderful day for me" as seen above seems like good translation,


Why not "This is an amazing day to me"? Amazing is a possible translation on this long list of words on Bab.la.


Is such a construct with 'to' restricted to present tense or can it also describe something in the past, like in this case maybe when having talked about a certain day to conclude it with the sentence above in the meaning of 'It was a wonderful day for me'? ^^'


It should be treated as something that has an invisible "jest", so only Present Tense.


To me it is a wonderful day, not accepted what is the difference in translation.


"Dla mnie to [jest/] wspaniały dzień".


"To me" is perfectly acceptable here in this cotext. I have become aprehensive about using my native language and hhave to try to predict how non native English speakers judge my responses. Quite uncool.


'It is a wonderful day to me.' is accepted. Was there perhaps a typo elsewhere in your answer?

It is true that the course designers/moderators (whether native English speakers or not) have not always (yet) thought of every single possible way that a native English speaker will translate a Polish sentence but there are 58 accepted answers for this sentence - we do try!

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