"Ty dotykasz białego konia."

Translation:You are touching a white horse.

March 16, 2016

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Feels just like a black horse


why is the adjective in genitive case?


For masculine animate nouns, Genitive is the same as Accusative. And it's Accusative here.


So I've selected the correct translation but duo isn't going to tell me what it means :) :) :)


the sentence means exacly what it means -You are touching a white horse. no hidden meaning behind it. you is one person.

It's hard to imagine a situation where this sentence works. Maybe telling a blind person what they are touching? Or describing a photo? Describing how to do something in smartphone with a white horse icon?


I had no idea what dotykasz meant. I was doing the exercise on my phone but the app didn't give the option to see the English translation. How do they expect us to learn like that???


If you go into the comments section, you can see the translation always.


Happy Red Dead noises


Wow, I got this right by mere chance lol


Maybe the white horse is deeply touched by something you are doing - like reciting poetry. We just don't know the Polish for reciting or poetry


I guess that's technically a possible interpretation, but luckily 'białego konia' is the same in accusative and genitive, so both meanings are covered here.

So can just say 'czytać wiersz' (to read a poem). But instead of czytać so can also say recytować (recite) and instead of wiersz you can say poezję (poetry).

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