"Do you have a train ticket?"

Translation:Czy ty masz bilet na pociąg?

March 16, 2016

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"Czy ty masz bilet pociąga?"

Is there a reason why Genitive does not work here? Sounded logical to me, somehow...


Firstly, Genitive is "pociągu".

Secondly... I guess I see your logic, but we don't use it this way. A ticket is "to something" or maybe "for something" in Polish (a ticket [to/for] a concert) and translates to "na + Acc". Or "do + a place in Genitive" (Kupiliśmy bilety do Rzymu = We bought tickets to Rome = We bought tickets for a plane/train/bus that will take us to Rome)

Besides, "bilety pociągu" (tickets of a train) would kinda sound as if the train owned the tickets ;)


But you do have "bilet autobusowy", so what makes "bilet pociągowy" different or are they both good but in a different context?


I guess it's just not a collocation. Technically, "bilet pociągowy" makes as much sense as "bilet autobusowy" does, grammatically everything is fine there, but it's just not what we say.

In the National Corpus (http://www.nkjp.pl/poliqarp/nkjp300/query/), I found 65 results for "[base=bilet] na pociąg" and 1 result for "[base=bilet] [base=pociągowy]". That result comes from some completely colloquial text which looks as if someone wrote down a conversation between teenagers.

Actually what seems the most common and similar to what you tried to use, is "bilet kolejowy" (156 results in the corpus). "kolej" = "railway" and "kolejowy" is the adjective derived from it.


There is a possibility that pociągowy predates the modern meaning of pociąg and was used for draft/draught horses (konie pociągowe) for a long time, so people had this association and avoided the use of this adjective for trains. Autobusowy on the other hand is perfectly unambiguous. Just an idea, not sure if it's true.


Thanks for the clarity


I answered macie bilet pociagowy. Is this correct?


Somehow we just don't say that, although "bilet autobusowy" for a bus ticket is perfectly natural.


"Czy Pan ma bilet kolejowy?"


Sure, added now.

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