"What experience do you have?"

Translation:Jakie masz doświadczenie?

March 16, 2016

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I put "macie" at the end. How wrong is that?


It's unnatural, so we don't accept it.

If there are no personal pronouns involved, the neutral word order in Polish is SVO. You propose OSV (if we mentally expand masz to ty masz). This is very unusual. There are situations where we could do that, for example, when applying the topic-comment-rule (new information is put after old information) or if we wanted to emphasize the verb. But here, the sentence is too short to be split it into topic and comment and it's very unlikely that we want to emphasize the verb (What experience do you HAVE?)

Consider this longer sentence:

Jakie doświadczenie masz w opiece nad dziećmi? = What experience do you have with childcare?

Here it makes sense to emphasize childcare, and it's also the comment of the sentence.

The Polish language corpus confirms this. Jakie doświadczenia masz gives 27 results, none of which end in masz (the sentence continues in all 27 cases). However, if we search for Jakie masz doświadczenia, we get 297 sentences, a decent percentage of which contain just these three words.


But then the answer to the exercise I had just before this was "Jaki rodzaj wina lubisz?", which does use this OSV word order. Please could you explain the difference between the two sentences?


Jaki rodzaj can be seen as one semantic unit, as it could be replaced by jakie, without changing the meaning significantly. Hence, those two words are tied to each other.

The verb ends up last, which isn't a problem in this case, since it would make sense to emphasise it (what do you like then, as opposed to not liking?).


Do does that mean that if you're not trying to emphasize the liking you would say "jakie lubisz wina"? Or one of the other examples we've done, "jaki lubisz chleb"?


"Jakie lubisz wina?" (just to make sure, did you really mean plural 'wines'? in Polish that makes perfect sense, I'm just checking) and "Jaki lubisz chleb?" sound more natural to me than adding "rodzaj" or a similar word.


Haha yes? I was just using the example from above.


Actually, in the example above, wina is singular genitive. It just happens to look exactly like plural nominative.

Plural would have been 'jaki lubisz rodzaj win'.


What is the Polish language corpus? I've not heard of it.


Jakie doświadczenie masz Jest absolutnie poprawne i często używane w Polsce. Język polski jest pod tym względem bardzo elastyczny i dopuszcza zmianę szyku zdania jeżeli to nie zmienia jego sensu.


Crap...see above comments. I agree with them fully.


In most job interview situations, people would presumably be using formal address, but neither "Jakie ma pan doświadczenie" nor "Jakie doświadczenie ma pan" was accepted. What is the best word order for this construction?


Unfortunately, many sentences still miss formal options, added now.

"Jakie ma pan doświadczenie?" is the best word order in my opinion. Formal You (especially questions) is the only, I think, situation in which putting the subject after the verb is not only okay, but best.

I wouldn't go with the other one, as it puts a pronoun at the end, which is generally not great, but a subject pronoun? It sounds like "OK, I know about yours, and yours... now, what experience have YOU?"


Thank you. It is unfortunate that formal address is an afterthought in this course - I keep worrying that I will slip and call a stranger ty. But I see that the course is still under development (the second, "male" voice just appeared this morning). Thank you for all your prompt responses to queries!


doswiadczenie is the object not the subject of this question. The subject is 'you' which, in Polish, is incorporated in the verb


He didn't say that doswiadczenie was the subject, he was referring to the formal pronoun pan which is put after the verb in many cases.

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Why cant the verb go at the end?


Well, the most common word order is still SVO, although it wouldn't be technically wrong to make it "Jakie doświadczenie masz?", I don't believe it sounds naturally and I'd have doubts about accepting it.


Jakie doświadczenie macie - should be accepted


'Jakie macie doswiadczenie?' is accepted as a correct answer so why isn't the construction 'Jakie masz doswiadczenie?' acceptable, please. Thank you.


It's actually the main answer.


I wrote jakie masz doswiadzenie and supposed to be wrong and correct one is 'macie' I think both are correct

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