"She studies at a university."

Translation:Uczy się na uniwersytecie.

March 16, 2016

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Actually to hopefully clear up this point as described my my Polish teacher. "W" is not necessarily for smaller places although you're on the right track. "W" is used to refer to a specific building or place. "Na" is a more general term. For example "Na uniwersytecie" (being at a university is a very broad term) but to say you're in a class, specifically"w klasie". Other examples to attempt to carry the point across : "Na koncercie" but "w klubie", "na zakupy" but "w sklepie", "na spacer" but "w parku". There are some exceptions e.g "na ulicy" for the reason that you are literally on the street and not inside it! Hope this helps!


But also "na poczcie" (at the post office) and "na stacji"/"na dworcu" (at the station, despite the fact that it may be closed space, at least "dworzec" because "stacja" often isn't... "na lotnisku" (at the airport) although that's also a building... the general rule you stated is right, but the number of exceptions isn't that small.


how can i know in this case that she is a she


In the PL->ENG version of this sentence, you cannot know that. Both he and she are accepted, you just choose one.


But don't you need to specify ona here? Sometimes you put in a pronoun where the verb form makes it clear what person is involved, and at other times you don't. Is there a consistent practice?


What is wrong with "Ona się uczy na uniwersytecie"?


Nothing wrong, added now.

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    Why not "Ona studiowa na uniwersytecie"


    "studiowa" is not a word.

    "studiować" is the infinitive form, of which "studiuje" is the right form here.


    Since when isn't she ona?


    Studies at university makes no sense as tired as I am when the Poish was ona. Who or what sudies at the university?I think your computer blew it and took my mind with it.


    She is a gender related individual, the answer as provided omits the gender, are you talking about him or her. Who studies , her or him?


    In the Polish sentence? The person known from the context. If you talked about your friend Julie for two minutes, you'd need to say "she, she, she" all the time in English, but you wouldn't say "ona, ona, ona" in Polish.

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