"He needs a larger size."

Translation:Ему нужен размер побольше.

March 16, 2016



Why is it "размер побольше" rather than "побольше размер"?

March 16, 2016

[deactivated user]

    Adjectives are only placed before the noun if they change their form to match the number, case and gender of the noun.

    Indeclinable forms of adjectives (e.g. побо́льше 'larger') or indeclinable adjectives (e.g. ха́ки 'khaki') are placed after the noun.

    (N.B. The above is about the neutral word order. Word order can sometimes be inverted for emphasis. Duolingo doesn't usually accept the inverted word order.)

    March 16, 2016


    So "ему надо" isn't right, but why? Is it just for putting before verbs, or something?

    September 18, 2016

    [deactivated user]

      Indeed, на́до can only be used with verbs (in the infinitive form): ему́ на́до купи́ть разме́р побо́льше 'he needs to buy a larger size'.

      For nouns, you use ну́жен in one of its four variants:

      • if the noun is feminine, you use нужна́: мне нужна́ ку́ртка побо́льше 'I need a larger jacket'
      • if the noun is masculine, you use ну́жен: И́ре ну́жен разме́р побо́льше 'Ira needs a larger size',
      • if the noun is neuter, you use ну́жно: Сла́ве ну́жно одея́ло побо́льше 'Slava needs a bigger blanket',
      • if the noun is plural, you use нужны́: Ве́ре нужны́ но́вые штаны́ 'Vera needs new trousers'.

      The neuter form ну́жно can also be used with verbs, like на́до: ему́ ну́жно купи́ть разме́р побо́льше. There is little difference between на́до and ну́жно when they are used with verbs. It think на́до sounds a little bit more formal, but in most cases they are interchangeable.

      September 18, 2016


      Thanks for the help. I did study Russian for a while as part of my degree a few years ago, but apparently this difference wasn't deemed relevant....

      But your explanation is super clear, and really helpful!

      October 8, 2016


      when do we have to use нужен, нужно, жунжа ? I don’t understand how this works.

      October 5, 2017


      нужен is for male. нужна is for female. нужно is neuter

      August 7, 2018
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