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Seachtain na Gaeilge: Passing on my love for Irish to young students in Italy

Seachtain na Gaeilge: Speaking Irish in… Varese, Italy

Eoin Pól Ó Rúis taught Irish in Coláiste Choilm in Swords for many years, but always had a love for Italy. Now he is teaching the modh coinníollach in the European School at Varese, Italy.

Passing on my love for Irish to young students in Italy

The European School system is very different to Ireland’s, and the students study a variety of subjects and languages, from mother tongue to a fourth or even fifth foreign language. There is a natural aptitude among the pupils, and it is incredible how they move with apparent ease from one language to another.

The multi-lingual environment and the example of the students has also inspired me to work at my French, and I find myself starting a sentence in one language and finishing it in another, bringing about much hilarity as I struggle to find the correct word for the correct occasion. My revenge provides for very amusing times when some of my colleagues and I get together to play badminton after school, and they are obliged to keep the score in Irish just as I have learned to do in German or Italian.

2 years ago