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  5. "Wir haben Familien."

"Wir haben Familien."

Translation:We have families.

January 20, 2013



Impossible to hear Familien. It sounds as Familie. That is the case in the majority of sentences of the male speaker. They are difficult to catch. But May be we should learn to understand all kinds of speech.


It says that the correct solution should be "We have family" or "We have families." I put "We have a family" and got it wrong, I know there isn't an "a" in the sentence but it makes it grammatically correct. Is this an error or am I just confused?


Familien is plural, We have a family would be "Wir haben eine Familie"


How do we know if it's "We have families" versus "We have family"?


family = Familie families = Familien

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