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"Het huis op de hoek is van ons."

Translation:The house on the corner is ours.

2 years ago



I'm miserable when it comes to English prepositions. Can't I use "in the corner"?

5 months ago


Not for a house. We can use 'in the corner' when it's something within the boundaries of two walls forming a corner. The broom is in the corner. I am standing in the corner (of the room).

But if it were the corner formed by two streets, not confined by walls, I would say 'I am standing on the corner'. The house is on the corner.

Hope that makes sense! Prepositions are tricky.

1 month ago


I wrote "The house on the corner is from us". Why is this incorrect?

2 years ago

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Because that doesn't really make sense in English.

2 years ago


The sentence works in german (my first language). That's why I got it confused probably.. Thanks for your reply!

2 years ago

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"Van" has a number of meanings. In the sentence "The house is from us" means the house was given/sold to someone by us. "Whom did they get/buy the house from?" "From us." Where did she get that from?" "From us."

2 years ago