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"Dw i'n dewis mynd ddydd Llun nesa."

Translation:I choose to go on next Monday.

March 16, 2016



Why is dydd mutated?


It's because traditionally there would be an "ar" there before it which is one of twelve main prepositions that cause a soft mutation.


Ellis gave the historical reason; from a purely modern point of view, you can also think of it as a grammatical mutation that indicates adverbial use of time expressions, i.e. turning dydd Llun "Monday" (a noun) into ddydd Llun "on Monday" (a phrase which works as an adverb).


There are some adverbs where the unmutated version is rarely or no longer seen. For example: ddoe (yesterday); weithiau (sometimes).


the 'on' is unnecessary and sounds unnatural in English. It should be I choose to go next Monday. If the word 'next' were not in the sentence, then the word 'on' would be needed.

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