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I am starting to teach English and decided to use Duo classes

I have started to teach using Duolingo, my students are absolute beginners. I am not so proficient in the language (English) myself, but what I already know is enough for their stage. I want to know if there's someone else who did the same and what hints or advices do you have about using it as the main material. By the way, I chose Duolingo because it is an interesting method that my students won't get bored by memorizing words with no context. But as the time progresses I'll present them grammar points, interesting texts etc. My class is starting pretty small now (2 students) but I want to give them the best experience in their language life.

March 16, 2016



I am an ESL teacher. I disagree with your idea of using Duolingo as the main lesson source. You can use Duolingo for some part of the lessons, but it should not be the main part of the lessons. What are you going to do while your students are doing Duolingo? Why do they need a teacher? If I my language teacher just gave me Duolingo to do in class, I would change my teacher. You have to make lessons to go with Duolingo. For example, we know that Duolingo doesn't give speaking practice, so you can make speaking activities to go with Duolingo vocabulary and grammar. You can also make listening, reading and writing activities.

You said that you chose Duolingo because you don't want your students to feel bored memorizing words with no context. A good teacher does not make students memorize words with no context. You create lessons which give a context for the vocabulary. A good teacher designs activities which help them memorize vocabulary and understand grammar.

Duolingo is an excellent tool, but it cannot replace a good teacher!


True, but a lot of people use duolingo all the way or just to level 20 before they have a teacher and they say they can speak and understand people.


Hi! What is the age group you're teaching? Knowing that might help other educators give you tips! How easily can the access the internet?


Thanks for commenting! They have full access to the internet, using the Duolingo Android App on their cell phones. Their ages are 21 and 23. They are about my age, in fact.


Hi Diego. I think Nerida is being a bit harsh on her deffinitions of what is or what is not a good teacher. You have just said you are new to this so I think we should try constructive criticism. However, she does have good points and ideas. One of the things you can do is asign to your students what lesson to do and, after they complete the lesson, you can give them a better explanation on the gramar of that same lesson (some schools in my country work with that methodology Exercises+Gramar Classes) and then you can also have conversation classes based on the same material (duolingo of course). For that I have some ideas, if you'd like to hear them just contact me.

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