"Like a sour lemon"

Translation:Como um limão azedo

January 20, 2013

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Let me chime in here as a native English speaker. In English bitter and sour are not synonyms, at all. Bitter is a distinct flavor, like strong coffee or alum, and sour is the taste of lemons, limes, vinegar. Totally different, not interchangeable. Duolingo said early on that 'amargo' is either bitter or sour. Maybe they mean something that has an unpleasant taste. But I would say that in Portuguese they use amargo for what we call bitter, and azedo for sour.


As opposed to a sweet or spicy lemon...?


The translation of 'lemon' is 'lima'; the portuguese word 'limão' is for 'lime'.

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    It's the opposite. Limão is lemon (although not exactly the same variety that exists in the US) and "lima" is lime.


    Amargo is also sour!!


    Isn't "amargo" bitter? Unless bitter and sour a synonyms, but I think there's a difference.


    shouldn't like be gosto or gosta?


    I think it is a different 'like'. I 'like' people/thing = gostar which means you enjoy something. This is 'like such and such', as in 'it is similar to' - it is comparative rather than descriptive.


    yea that makes sense, guess i went full retard


    when they taught the word amargo, the definitions were sour and bitter.


    Exactly, Refer back to eu não bebo leite amargo. This was translated as I dont drink sour milk. If you use Google Translate they list
    azedo sour, tart, acid, musty, sharp, vinegary ácido acid, sour, tart, sharp, austere amargo bitter, sour, acid, salt acre acrid, sour, pungent, bitter, acid, tart ardido

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