Russian speaking exercises not working on mobile

I am using Duolingo Russian both on my laptop computer as well as my iPhone using the app. I have noticed that on my computer using Duolingo with the browser I get quite a few exercises where I speak a phrase with the microphone. I have never once gotten a single speaking exercise on my iPhone however which I find very annoying as I use duolingo on my phone much more.

Just to be clear, I do have the latest version of the app installed and I do have speaking exercises turned on. I even started French language just to see if there were speaking exercises and there were immediately. So it must be a problem with Russian course. Has anyone else experienced this or found any solution? I'd very much like to practice the speaking exercises on my phone.

2 years ago

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Maybe Russian doesn't have it yet? It's a newer course. I've never noticed because I have speaking exercises turned off :/

2 years ago

it definitely has it on the desktop version, I'm using it right now. I don't know why the course would be different on mobile app, but who knows maybe it is

2 years ago
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It is still this way - I have never had a speaking exercise on the Android app in Russian.

2 months ago
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