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DuoLingo Latin to improve basic language knowledge?

It is said that because languages like French and Spanish are based on Latin it can really help to have a background in Latin when learning them both. Maybe an idea for a feature?

January 20, 2013



Maybe, since they are part of Romance languages it make it easier to learn these languages


my focus is on spanish, but if latin were an option, i would definitely use it to supplement my spanish. great idea.


I would be interested in that too. I've always wondered about the benefits of Latin... and if it'd be on duo lingo it'd be better because it's take a lesser amount of time vs. taking a whole semester or class and spending more time on an outdated language.


And it could be fun to translate Latin documents. Things written in Latin tend to be fairly interesting.


Don't get me wrong, I love latin, but I don't think duolingo should teach latin. First of all, as a person who has some knowledge in latin, the fact that the romance languages came from Latin doesn't mean studying Latin will help you study the other romance languages. There might be similarity in vocabulary between latin and languages like italian and spanish, but the main idea and difficulty of latin is the complex grammar, conjugations and things which are not relevant in the modern languages. In other words, it might slow you instead of helping you. Second of all, The purpose of duolingo is translating net articles, and it doesn't have anything with Latin, which is a dead language that you won't find many articles about health and medicine in it. There are other sites who may help you studying Latin, but I think Duolingo isn't the right site for that, and that it may not help you with modern romance languages.


I think realistically I agree with this more. Latin wouldn't exactly help the main point of duo lingo (which I believe is more geared towards having the internet translated than people engulfed in languages), though it's a fun thought to have.


I think this idea has both good and bad points. Good, in that Latin is obviously an advantage to learning any Romance language, is hugely interesting, has a lot of wonderful ancient literature for us to discover, and by putting it on Duolingo can only help to sustain interest in an ancient but rarely used language. But not so good, in that Latin is considerably more difficult than say, French and Spanish, being highly inflected with many grammatical complexities, and also that a core aspect of Duolingo is webpage translation, and very few websites are actually written in pure Latin. But in terms of a Latin-learning course, it could be really great!


That is indeed a wonderful language and is easier than you may think I have been using Virgil- www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfxK6fC2v6c But it would be great to learn it right here at duo-lingo. It certainly does help with the learning of other Romance languages, it can help you discover the origins of words, read historic documents, and even improve your standard of English! This video " www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdjYBDD8b2I " suggests that 90% of Spanish, French, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian words are derived from Latin as well as 60% of the English language

Latin has been throughout history the language of the "elites" and many scientific words/terms come from Latin- the same as law.

However I can see a problem for duolingo teaching people latin as it may not fit their business model perhaps a paid section of the site for the teaching of Latin. I would certainly be willing to pay service teaching Latin and I am hope so others may feel the same way too.


Well, we have Latin as an option now. If someone wants to learn a Romance language, it's better to go ahead and study it directly. Latin takes a long time to learn. Sure, if you've been studying Latin since childhood, it'll help. With that said, it doesn't take too long to get up and running with Esperanto, which has a ton of vocabulary from Romance languages and some from Latin itself. Once you've learned a Romance language, then tackle Latin if you want. It still won't be easy, but much of the vocabulary you've learned in a Romance language will transfer to Latin. To be honest, Latin grammar is more like Russian grammar than grammar in any Romance language except for maybe Romanian.

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