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A Free Progress Quiz (without Lingots) When Assigned by the Teacher

I love the idea of the progress quiz and how it works (though I'm sure Duolingo doesn't want a lot of teachers eating up Duolingo's resources), but if teachers were able to allow students an attempt at the progress quiz without them having to use their lingots, that would be awesome!

I'm currently making students save up for progress quizzes so that they can take a proficiency later this month, and then again at the end of the year. It's an ingenious way to show holistic learning.

Please consider this small change and feel free to ask any clarification questions.


SenorDustin (personal)/Mr.Dustin (professional)

March 17, 2016



Hi SenorDustin,

the "issue" with such thing is that it would be equivalent to make progress quizz "free" for everyone.
Indeed, anyone can create a classroom they are the "owner/educator" of then add themselves as student of the classroom. They could then, as owner, allow their "Duo-students" to take free quizz and as a Duo-student of the classroom take the free quiz.
Note that even if being both owner and student of a Duo-classroom were prohibited you'd just have to create a second account, create a classroom with and thus having free quiz for your first account.

A suggestion : make and announce to your students that one of the assignment is to have available in their account 25 lingots on March [number to be decided] then 25 others on [put a date here] and that not having it will make them lose points (or that having it will make them own some points) in their final grade.


True, though there could be ways to limit it to people who have substantial amounts of students who are active on the site-- making only the most desperate people willing to make the test free for themselves (a task many more times difficult than just earning lingots).

I'm glad for the changes that Duolingo has made since I first started using it in class in the 2013-2014 school year (I had to look at their screens individually), but the two-fold lack of comprehension checks and high ratio of L2 --> L1 has made it less valuable as a tool in class.

I use other methods and at least 2 other online tools to help kids actually assess their learning, but it would sure be nice to have it all in one place. So I could cut back on having to create my own content all the time.


Honestly, lingots are easy to earn and there isn't really anything better to buy with them than the quiz. Also, if they don't earn enough to buy the quiz they probably aren't practicing much.


They are easier to gain if we start from the beginning in a bunch of languages or keep a streak going, but once kids get to about the 2nd checkpoint they become harder to obtain. My students want to buy all of the bells and whistles on both the app and website as well, which makes them more of a pain to save (but they do because they know their grade is tied to having them by certain days).


Where are all these "bells and whistles" of which you speak?

Seriously, go to the store. There is really nothing much there. The timed practice is 10 lingots and you only pay once for unlimited practice. The two clothing items are only seen on the phone and only for the user themselves.

What's wrong with kids learning priorities?

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