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  5. "моя муха"

"моя муха"

Translation:my fly

March 17, 2016



Some related phrases that can be also useful in your daily life:

• "My fly is my pet" = «Му́ха — моё дома́шнее живо́тное».

• "I love my fly" = «Я люблю́ свою́ му́ху.».

• "My fly is sick" = «Моя муха больна».

• "My fly is high" = «Моя муха высоко».

'Or "моя муха под кайфом" for a different type of "high".' – @Kundoo

• "My fly can't fly high" = «Моя муха не может летать высоко».

update: I've edited the answer with @szeraja_zhaba's and @Kundoo's suggestions to give the readers a better insight. :)


Honestly, is it possible to have a fly as a pet? XD


I was thinking that too lol!


Here you go, curious person... A fly on a leash, because humanity is an unconstrained force with too much time on it's hands! :D


It may be the person saying it is moving in for the kill with a newspaper and wants to make it clear to anyone else similarly armed in the vacinity.


Lool the only explanation I'll accept


Sometimes I am the pet of a fly. Most annoying!


Yep. Catch it in a container, and put it in the freezer for 10 minutes. It will be sluggish but not dead. You should be able to GENTLY tie some dental floss around its abdomen. Be sure to get UNDER the wings. Now you have a pet fly!


I'm sorry lol what??


I thought this phrase would be useful in like a science fair or something where having flies is important


I have seen some people sneaking tie a thread to a Dragonfly and walk around with it as it is their pet.


It is not known who is whose pet :)

Сompare: "моя муха" , "моя хозяйка" (my mistress) .


"My fly is high" = «Моя муха высоко».

Or "моя муха под кайфом" for a different type of "high".

[deactivated user]

    My fly is my pet. - Моя муха мой любимчик.

    I'd say «Моя му́ха — моё дома́шнее живо́тное». And probably I'd drop the first «моя́».

    I love my fly. - Я люблю моя муху.

    Since «я» is the grammatical subject of the sentence, it's better to say «Я люблю́ свою́ му́ху».


    Thank you very much. I've updated the answer with your valuable suggestions. :)


    You can also use «мо́й пито́мец» for "my pet"

    Also, «моя́» in the second sentence should be «мою́», as it also gets affected by the accusative case (вини́тельный паде́ж)


    The comment area is the best part of Duolingo. Thank you all ahahahah


    Im native speaker, idk if животное is the right term as it describes animals (wombats?) that come out of bellies and not eggs etc. Dont know the Englisch Word, but anyways живот is belly. Моя муха болит also sounds better as it means "my fly has pain" literally while your sentence means "my fly hurts (me) ". I think I need Igor to Check that but im sure this is right


    Things that give birth to live young and don't lay eggs are "viviparous" - that includes most mammals!

    Most mammals are "placental" - only a few lay eggs (platypus, echidna). It's "marsupials" for Australian mammals that don't lay eggs but whose tiny young crawl out and grow up in a pouch! Kangaroos, etc.


    Thank you very much, I must know it


    Undeniably, you know a lot about flies. Made me fly laughing!


    This is why I come to the comments. The deeper insight of my fellow students.


    you forgot "your fly is open" And how high does this fly usually get?


    Под мухой = to be drunk


    Now this, this is important. Take notes comrades.


    This is annoying just because I can't see anybody possessing a fly, so I keep defaulting to "mouse" instead. I guess that'll force me to learn them separately, eventually...

    [deactivated user]

      Mouse is мышь, it's never муха. :)


      Wby would someone want to claim a mouse or a fly?


      I don't know about flies, but a lot of people have pet mice. Not to mention that one can refer to a computer mouse, which is also "мышь" in Russian.


      In Russia, is a муха also a zipper in your trousers?

      [deactivated user]

        In this meaning, fly would be translated «шири́нка».

        However, «моя́ шири́нка» doesn't work well if you want to refer to the fly of your trousers. Instead, I'd say «шири́нка на мои́х штана́х» 'the fly on my trousers' or something like that.


        I was wondering if it was the same as English. There's not many English words that have 2 meanings, but fly is one.


        There are loads of English words that have more than 1 meaning ;)


        okay that was good lmao


        So many that we borrowed a Latin word for it, which was borrowed from Greek, which gave the same word to Russian - Омоним.


        I never knew you could have a pet fly.... :/


        That was a scary spider!


        That was fun to watch, surprisingly enough.


        Horses can be architects and you can have a fly as a pet! We really need to visit russia again!


        i think they are just forming a sentence with the words previously taught..


        No danger of learning sentences that might ever be useful then...


        My drunk pet fly begs to disagree.


        As the spider said...


        This course is so funny :D


        му́ха (múxa) [ˈmuxə] f anim (genitive му́хи, nominative plural му́хи, genitive plural мух) "fly (insect)": From Proto-Slavic *muxa, from Proto-Balto-Slavic *maušāˀ, from Proto-Indo-European *mows-eh₂, from *mows-, *mus-, *mew-, whence also Latvian muša, Latin musca, Spanish mosca and its diminutive mosquito, Ancient Greek μυῖα (muîa), German Mücke ("midge"), English midge and midget, Sanskrit मशक (maśáka, "gnat, mosquito").


        Does fly ownership occur due to variance in cultural possession ideology?

        Like if something (even a fly) is in ones house, it is referenced as theirs?

        Or perhaps as a syntactic workaround?

        Consider what we've learned about the variance of how "having" things is slightly different- it's more that the things are around the person, according to some commentation I've seen.


        In my country we usually pet cats or dogs instead. But maybe that s just my country...


        Why the neutral gender (моё is neutral right?) in the sentence "муха — моё домашнее животное" ?


        животное is a neuter noun


        Oh yeah just figured it didn't refer to the noun муха but to животное. Спасибо за ответ !

        [deactivated user]

          Also, "Under fly " that means "be high"


          I forget, what is the plural of fly?


          Is this a word of endearment in Russian ?


          Kinda reminds me of the vid of a fly on a string hehe


          Who would have a fly?


          I own so many flies...which one?

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