Export information & grammar rules of topics?

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After reaching ~1500 XP I first logged into the webinterface of DuoLingo (have been using the app to exercise until now) to find out there is so much information & grammar for the Russian lessons available. In the app I can't seem to find this info and was guessing we had to learn the language by example:) Is there any way to for example export all information & grammar rules on every exercise so I have this available on my phone? Or do I need to use the web-interface for that?

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Excuse me if this question has been asked a million times,

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2 years ago


It's only available on the web. You can also check the notes on Duolingo's website using your mobile but not in the app.

2 years ago
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I've been copying & pasting the Tips & Notes to Word: a little time consuming but I do it with each lesson set as I read them.

2 years ago
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