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  5. "Ele trabalha devagar."

"Ele trabalha devagar."

Translation:He works slowly.

January 5, 2014



They must be talking about my progress working through this Portuguese tree.


This word always confuses me. Devagar seems to be a verb in the infinitive. I guess it's just portuguese being portuguese, eh?


Nao é? I think it looks very "verby" too! For that reason I`m happy to see a good written example of it used in real world speach.


You can't say, "he slowly works"?


Adverb placement is not set in stone I suppose, but "He works slowly" really is the best way to say this. Here's some general advice: http://grammarist.com/grammar/adverbs/ (the relevant rule here is: "An adverb modifying an intransitive verb should immediately follow its verb").


Why is 'he works slow' incorrect?


The use of "slow" as an adverb is endorsed in US English (British English is a bit more sniffy about it) and the usage note here: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/slow implies your sentence should have been accepted.


I thought devagar was pronounced "djee vah gahr" just like other Portuguese words containing de. I've heard a language course pronounce it with the "G" to. Any Brazilians to confirm?


Your guess is as good as mine. It might be a thing depending on which region (or state) of Brazil the speakers are from. I've heard some visitors say "sete" without emphasizing the "t" while others emphasize the letter "s" as an "shh" sound.

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