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"Pól is ainm dom, go raibh maith agat."

Translation:My name is Paul, thank you.

March 17, 2016



Is "Paul is my name, thank you." not acceptable...?


I would like to know this too. DL marked me wrong for this also


It should be perfectly acceptable


it should be. i was "wrong" too.


Still not accepted 28.May.2021 here when it is in another sentence in this unit. Reported.


Still not accepted August 5,2021. Reported. This trips me up every time because of the natural flow of the sentence. It should be fixed or an explanation given as to why it is not acceptable. DL please help.


'S é Pól m'ainm agus 's é Duolingo mo ghairm!

Is é Pól m'ainm - "Paul is my name"
Pól is ainm dom - "My name is Paul"


That is an option but "Paul is my name was accepted earlier in this section so no reason not to accept it this time


Not accepted 29 Nov. 2021


I don't think not translating Pol to Paul should count as mistake; if your name is Pol then that's your name in every language.

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In most answers you can use either Pól or Paul and be marked correct. "My name is Pól, thank you " hasn't been added as an acceptable answer for this one yet, but I've reported it.


Paul is my name or my name is Paul... can't they both be accepted?


if there is a legitimate reason it should be explained


What bothers me is that it accepts "Paul is my name" as an answer for this same phrase on other questions, so there's no internal consistency. It's either correct or it isn't -- choose one.


For flip sake ...i answered.

'"Paul is my name, thank you'" this correct Still !!
So why so flipping Particular. ..we are trying to learn and understand irish we are Not trying to be IRISH PROFESSORS !!


RRRRRRR. It should Paul is my name or my name is Paul. Its splitting hairs.


You mark 'Paul is my name' as wrong, really??? Come on Duolingo, you are better than this.


Not always in the Irish course.


Would 'Paul is my name' be right??


So we finally meet, mr Pól.


How was it at the GAA, Mr. President?


What's with the word order? Why is the verb not the first element?


Both cases are correct My name is Paul or Paul is my name means exactly the same thing in Sligo Ireland. Compare it to Tá mé i mo chonaí i Sligeach or Tá cónaí orm i Sligeach = the exact same thing!


I too, am curious about the word order. Could both be correct: "My name is Paul"; as well as, "Paul is my name."? Also, what happened to the VSO order of the sentence? Is this some special exception?


As it happens, the parts of a language that we use most often can be very irregular. Native speakers are so used to saying them that they never stop to analyse them, and think "does this make sense grammatically?". So the 11 irregular verbs in Irish are among the most widely used verbs, (and the same is true in other languages), and "fixed phrases" like "My name is" don't always follow the basic grammar rules that a learner starts out with, but you're better off learning a phrase that people actually say, rather than a phrase that is a more literal translation of the English phrase, using just the basic grammatical structures that you have learned so far.


You're welcome mr president!


'Paul is my name, thank you' was not accepted but 'Paul is my name' was accepted in an earlier question.

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