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"Is this sandwich with mayonnaise?"

Translation:Цей бутерброд з майонезом?

March 17, 2016



Why is "Цей" used here instead of "Цe"


Because it modifies бутерброд, it's declined to match. (Otherwise, the sentence could mean ‘This is a sandwich with mayonnaise.’.)


I suggest that "Цей сендвіч - з майонезом?" should be accepted as a right answer. We use the word "sandwich/сендвіч" widely The translation should have a "-" anyway. Reported the issue.

[deactivated user]

    The translation should have a "-" anyway.

    Not really:

    § 121. ТИРЕ (—)

    Тире ставиться:

    1. Між підметом і присудком, коли останній виражений іменником або кількісним числівником у називному відмінку, а дієслова-зв’язки немає. При цьому присудок може бути як непоширеним, так і поширеним ( http://litopys.org.ua/pravopys/rozdil5.htm )

    Since «з майонезом» is not in the nominative case, it doesn't fall under this rule.

    So, if you put dash here, it would either mean that there's an omitted noun in the nominative case (i.e. «Цей сандвіч — [сандвіч] з майонезом?»), which sounds pretty clumsy, or that you add a pause for stylistic reasons (§ 121.17):

    \17. Взагалі для означення спеціально підкреслюваної паузи різного змістового й стилістичного характеру ( http://litopys.org.ua/pravopys/rozdil5.htm#par121p17 )

    Of course, § 121.17 could justify putting dashes anywhere, so putting a dash here is not really incorrect, but it's not required either.

    But I definitely agree that сендвіч should be accepted.


    Warum nur?

    Why do i get an error if i click skip. Skip means to jump to the next.
    It would be very comfortable if the app would not always jump from Latin to Cyrillic and back again! Or on the other hand allow to skip e.g. all Cyrillic answers to the end. :)


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