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[Suggestion] Ipad/Mobile version needs to be harder

Love the product! I started last week with french on my ipad and got to level 6. However, I found when trying the same exercises on the web I do very poorly.

I think the reason is that most of the exercises on mobile give you a preset list of the possible words making it very easy to deduce the right grammar, conjugation,etc.. I see why some people would want this in a mobile environment, but perhaps provide us an option that turns that off and forces us to type the whole sentence correctly?

Thanks, really great work!

4 years ago


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I think it's easier on the ipad/mobile version because people are usually using it when they have time on the bus or in the car etc. But, it would make more sense if the ipad/mobile version was harder

4 years ago


It's hard enough on my little phone, so I like it a little easier

4 years ago