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  5. "Ydy e'n enwocach na hi?"

"Ydy e'n enwocach na hi?"

Translation:Is he more famous than her?

March 17, 2016



I feel that "than she" is perfectly acceptable English - if a little old fashioned, perhaps!


It says 4 comments, but I can't find any. I have been frightened off "he was more famous than she."


Stephen228621, you can get around that with "than she is." It's a little bit of a pain but worth it if you, like me, find "more famous than her" unpleasant to the ear. (I'm not a strict prescriptivist, but I'm not ready to embrace disjunctive pronouns, and it annoys me that Duo marks "more famous than she" incorrect.)


What is the "shes" in the alternative answer?

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