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My profile is split up weird and I don't want Portuguese

Hi there. I'm learning Spanish in English and to do this better, I also started learning English in Spanish. However, on my profile it says I'm learning Spanish and Portuguese, and I have a sécond profile on which I'm learning English! I must have accidentally clicked Portuguese one day, because I don't want to learn that language. Could I just have óne profile with Spanish and English on it, so that I can switch easier and be rid of Portuguese? I'm a bit of a perfectionist and it bothers me that it's there. Please reply in English or Dutch (or very simple Spanish).

January 20, 2013



Btw: I love the whole new layout! I haven't been on Duolingo for a while as I was very busy with school, but I think the site improved a lot in the meantime! :D


I am in quite the same situation except that I am learning German on a profile and English (from Italian) the 'other' profile actually it's the same profile, but if you look at it from the Italian interface the information displayed is different ...). The 'German ' profile shows also a leavel 1 French course (that I don't remember having activated ...). Is it possible to have the profiles 'unified'?

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