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  5. "Ich sollte weniger essen."

"Ich sollte weniger essen."

Translation:I should eat less.

January 20, 2013



To simplify this for everyone-

Ich soll = "I shall" Ich sollte = "I should" Ich hätte sollen = "I should have"


but sollte implies the past so I put I should have eaten less


No, not only past, but also subjunctive in presens. duo is absolutely right this time.


But is the above mentioned translation possible?


I think it should be "Ich hätte weniger essen sollen"


Would not the subjunctive present be 'solle'? And even if it is 'sollte' for both present subjunctive and preterit indicative shouldn't both translations be accepted?


this is why I disagree with DL's approach to subjunctive. It's a complex theme and it's just drip fed to us with no explanation.

Both solle and sollte are subjunctive and either can be used, in spoken deutsch solle is rarely used. You should not think of sollte as a "past tense" even though it is called the preterite form.


Late response :) As a german, the only context i would use "solle" in would be indirect speech, e.g. "Er sagte, ich solle aus dem Weg gehen." or maybe "Es hieß, das Haus solle nächste Woche abgerissen werden." (Word was that the house should be broken down next week.) There could be more, but I believe it is correct to use Konjunktiv II instead of K I in every case (I'm not sure!!). Sadly most people do that, or just ignore the whole wonderful world of Konjunktiv.


This is something I have been confused with for awhile, can someone please answer this. Is "should" in the present tense "Ich soll" oder "Ich sollte"? What means "I should have"? What does Ich soll mean then? Thanks


I got this link from someone else in some other thread http://www.dartmouth.edu/~german/Grammatik/Subjunctive/KonjunktivII.html

Not sure if I can explain it well, but when referring to the present tense (sollte can also be past...), "Ich soll" has a stronger sense of 'obligation' than "Ich sollte." Perhaps in "ich soll," someone told you to, but "ich sollte" is more like... you feel like its a better idea to.

Talking about the past, you can also use "ich sollte" to mean 'i should have'


How would you say: "I should eat a little"


I wondered this too. DeepL Translate offers:

ich sollte ein wenig essen or ich sollte etwas essen (which is what I would say. "I should eat something.")


"ein wenig", "etwas" are translations of "a little" or "something".
But the given sentence has "weniger", which is a comparative and means "less".


Solten soltet zu weniger


Is "sollte" not also the polite form of "soll" ? If so, why be polite when talking about yourself? Would "ich soll weniger essen " not be OK ?


yes it is the polite form (Konjunktiv) as is "should" compared to "shall". So "soll" doesn't fit here.


The German sounds like i salt vineger eat... for us British English speakers......I know want a a packet of salt and vinegar flavoured crisps! (potato chips for american cousins)

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