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Students getting kicked off

Has anyone else had students who were in the middle of an activity or a test get booted out? It has happened to a few of my students and it is frustrating them. They don´t want to continue with the lessons because they will be in the middle of one and it will send them back to home screen. Help!

March 18, 2016



This happens sometimes when there are server issues or the internet connection is unstable. There only few things you can do about it, normally I just wait a few hours before I try again.


Hi! I have not heard of this before. Can you please give us more detail about what devices your students are using and tell us a little about the internet situation? Is it a school network? Do they have firewalls? Are they on computers? Ipads? Android? Please let us know as much as you can about the affected students specifically so that we can find a pattern or figure out what is happening. Thanks!


Hi vivisaurus! My students were using Chromebooks for their activities. They were using them both at home as well as in the classroom. In school, we have a network. At home, I am not so sure of what their setup is. They say that they would be in the middle of a lesson and it would bring them back to the home page. Thanks for your help!


Hi! Were they being kicked out when doing it at home or did you see it happen in class too? If we have more information we can try reproducing on our end. :]


I have several students who have been repeatedly kicked off also. It seems to happen repeatedly to the same few kids. It has happened at home as well as in class - on their iPhones.

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