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  5. "We are speaking about Julia."

"We are speaking about Julia."

Translation:Mówimy o Julii.

March 18, 2016



Do names change when converted to Polish??

I.e. Benny = Benii, depending on the masculine / feminine nature of the sentence.


If you mean treatment of foreign names, then not in nominative and most just work with Polish declension patterns fairy well – the only exception is when last letter is silent(which polish can't handle gracefully), in which case apostrophe is used to denote the silent letter, so:

  • to jest Mike
  • Nie ma Mike'a

And so on.

Legally, excluding non-Latin scripts, administration in Poland should not "change" your name in any way from how it is spelled in your IDs, taking care of all diacritics and stuff when dealing with you, so nothing like the Lithuanian/Latvian policy of forcefully changing your name to conform to declination pattern of the language, whether you want it or not. ;-)


With declension patterns of female names - if it ends with -a we use declension (as Emwue said), if it does not it stays always the same.

So male Sam is mówimy o Samie,

female Sam Mówimy o Sam.


Hmm.. "Rozmawiamy o Julii"? I think that in other sentences 'rozmawiać' was accepted..


Well, I guess it's acceptable, added.


How is Julii pronounced Does one Jul-ee-ee or a long Juleeee?

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