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  5. "Sut un yw hi?"

"Sut un yw hi?"

Translation:What is she like?

March 18, 2016



Does the literal translation equal "How one is she?"


In this construction, sut = 'what sort of', rather than 'how'.


Even if "How is it?" is an acceptable translation, would the gloss "how is she?" be clearly wrong? The English can sometimes be construed as asking about her capability or character (although arguably more commonly asked about current state, "how is she doing?"). Isn't the reading "how is she?" (at work, or for a certain role) consistent with the construction glossed "what sort of..."


Google is unreliable at this kind of thing in Welsh.

If sut if followed by a verb (when it causes no mutation), it means 'how...?' If it is followed by a noun, un, etc, (when it causes a soft mutation) then it means 'what kind/sort of...?', 'what is .... like?':

  • Sut mae hi? - how is she?
  • Sut gwnaethoch chi brynu hwnna? - how did you buy that?


  • Sut un ydy hi? - what is she/it like?, what sort of a one is she/it?
  • Sut fenyw ydy hi? - what sort/kind of a woman is she?
  • Sut gi yw hwnna, mae e'n edrych yn eitha ffyrnig? - What is that dog like, he looks quite fierce?


Google translate produces "How is it?" which seems consistent with the gloss of "What kind of thing is it?" (to use the construction mentioned by ibisc).

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