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  5. "They are selling apples."

"They are selling apples."

Translation:Oni sprzedają jabłka.

March 18, 2016



What is the difference between oni and one?


oni = they (masculine) one = they (feminine)


oni - a group of people that includes one male person

one - a group of female persons, also pronoun for all plural nouns that are not persons


Confused. It asks to translate They are selling apples. There are 3 choices. I choose, one sprzedają jabłka and it says incorrect. But that jesteś sprzedają jabłka is the right answer


"jesteś sprzedają jabłka" does not make any sense at all.

Remember that some exercises say "check ALL the correct answers". And a sentence with "they" will always have more than one correct answer, unless it's so detailed that something in the sentence actually mentions 'their' gender.

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