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  5. "Dw i wedi ymolchi heddiw."

"Dw i wedi ymolchi heddiw."

Translation:I have washed today.

March 18, 2016



Is there a difference between "golchi" and "ymolchi"? Are they interchangeable?


Is there a difference between "golchi" and "ymolchi"?

Yes. golchi is to wash something else, ymolchi is to wash yourself.

Like waschen / sich waschen or laver / se laver or myć / myć się or similar pairs in languages that have a reflexive.


Does the beginning of the word change if we talk about someone else washing himself/herself/themselves? Or it stays the same?


ymolchi works with every person:

  • Mae hi'n ymolchi; Maen nhw'n ymolchi, etc - She is having a wash, They are getting washed, etc


For some reason it's telling me that "Dwi 'di ymolchi heddiw" is wrong, when it's just a shortening of wedi to 'di?


'di is sometimes used in speech as a contraction of both wedi and ydy, so we do not use it or accept it on this course. There are similar potential confusions with other spoken contractions, so we do not use those either.


I’m guessing this was a listening exercise? Then you have write down what the voice says, without any contractions (or uncontractions) or synonyms of your own.


Does ymolchi imply like taking a shower? Or is it more like a general word for any washing?


Let's take this apart. Let's start with golchi as that is the base verb. The first meaning in GPC is

Glanhau (dillad, llestri, &c.) â dŵr)

which means 'clean (clothes, dishes, etc.) with water'. So basically it is any cleaning process that uses water. Clearly the actual process would vary according to many factors, including what you were washing, and the technology available (which will have changed a lot since the word was first recorded in the 13th century.

Then we add the ym (which makes the g disappear by soft mutation). This means you are doing the golchi to yourself. The comment about technology is clearly important since this word has also been used since at least the 13th century and showers did not become available until the 19th century, or popular until the 20th century.

So I think we can be confident that it means 'get yourself clean using water and whatever technology you choose from what is available'.

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